Special Moves Animation for Project Sleepwalker:
a 2D Puzzle Platformer Concept
This is a collection of rough animations for Sleepwalker, a self-directed videogame project. These are the various special abilities the player has the ability to use, correlating with progressively deeper modes of sleep. Beginning with the Sleepwalk, the player can activate Rest, Float, Cloud, and Bliss, which provide the player with increased movement options. If the player character is awoken, however, they are snapped out of whichever ability they are using.
Run Cycle for Project Vapor: a 2D Puzzle Platformer Concept
This is animation for a Megaman-inspired 2D Puzzle Platformer called VAPOR, a prototype being made by myself and talented programmers Chase Davis, and Nick Hartley. This is the main character Kelvin, who has a unique runcycle reminiscent of classic ninja. Leaning forward adds momentum, and moving the arm with the leg on the same side conserves energy!
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